If you're sick, you can choose to treat the disease... or do nothing. But What if you don’t know you’re sick??
A lot of people talk about “shifting left” their application security, but what does that really mean? I’ll break it down for you a little and provide…
A risk register is just a fancy cybersecurity term for “a list of things that introduce risk to the company”. In the post, I will walk you through why…
🔥Hot take... there is no cybersecurity talent shortage.
Enterprise Logging GuideWatch now | I put together a video walkthrough of how to setup you logging. The guide is geared for fast growing B2B SaaS companies with 500-1000…
Lessons learned from last week's Uber hack
Scapegoat? 🐐 Ethics? Whistleblower? Executive? Doing Their Job? Fingers are being pointed in all directions these days! 👉🏼👈🏼
Twilio, Lastpass, Mailchimp, Signal, Plex, Samsung, TikTok(?), and so many more! Highlighted commentary.
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Last Week As A vCISO