Last Week As A vCISO

Hi! My names is Ayman and I’ve been working with B2B SaaS companies for several years now as a Fractional CISO (Chief Information Security Officer).

Many small organizations don’t need a CISO, which is why I started doing fractional CISO work before it was a thing.

My mission is to make cybersecurity expertise accessible to more leaders and organizations.

Thus this newsletter was born. There are even smaller organizations and leaders that don’t need a fractional CISO, but are DIY’ers and tired of searching the internet. These guides are inspired from the field while working with clients.

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Cybersecurity Tips For High Growth B2B SaaS Leaders


Ayman Elsawah

Founder | vCISO | Author | Podcast Host | Coffee Nerd | I work with startup founders to demystify their security journey.

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