Early Warning System In Security

Data is king. I got a flat last week.

Data is king. I got a flat tire last week....Did I have a warning? Yes.The car told me my tire pressure was low, so I pulled over, looked at the tire, and everything looked good.Ten minutes later while driving, I felt a flat... on the highway!

Was I warned? Yes. But did that warning give me the full picture? No.If I had more information, I might have been able to make a better decision.Is the pressure low and stable... or is it dropping? What's the rate of drop?This little piece of information would have been useful for me to make a good assessment and a decision.In security, we ignore warnings all the time because there isn't much context or we're plagued by alert fatigue.Make your warnings count, be context aware, and full of actionable data. 💡🎬

This was a repost from LinkedIn earlier this week. Feel free to comment here or there with your thoughts.

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