DEF CON 31 Recap

SO MUCH happened (and didn't happen!) this year at #DEFCON31. Here's a snippet of what you may have missed.

This is a live document and will be updated often. Don’t see something here you think should be? Leave a comment below or Tweet/X me.

UPDATE: YouTube videos being posted

DEF CON has started posting some videos on YouTube regularly now. Only a matter of time until they’re all up.

DEF CON 31 Slides & Digiverse

All of the presentations at DEF CON are here!

But not only that, so are:

YouTube will be posted at some point, but they take longer to post. This is your best best bet for media in the meantime.

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Red Team Village

Featuring Ben Sadeghipour, John Hammond, , Savannah Lazzara, Ryan M. Montgomery, and Barrett Darnell and so many more. Here was the schedule.

Village Recap Video


Payment Village

The Payment Village had workshops, CTFs, and a Card Hacking Challenge.

Here’s a writeup on the Card Hacking challenge at the Payment Village:

Work With Ayman

DEF CON Photo Albums

Photos By Cannibal

Twitter user Cannibal created an album of 204 photos from DEF CON 31. An interesting and eclectic collection of photos from around the con.

Photos By AJ 7o2

I’ll be posting my own album soon. Just trying to get this post out.

Any other photo albums? Let me know.


I put out a quick poll of how many miles everyone walked during the conferences. Got back a response of 7-14 miles/day! One person did a total of 64 miles! Check out the replied below.

One woman did about two marathon’s worth in a leg brace!


NahamSec DEFCON 31 Vlog

One of the biggest names in cybersecurity, Ben Sadeghipour (aka NahamSec), made a quick overview video…

DEF CON 31 Sticker Wall

Something new this year and super appropriate and DEF CONy is the sticker wall. We love our stickers, and what better place than a giant vinyl canvas to post them! It’s like the a fidget toy for hackers. So satisfying!

Link to actual image (WARNING: It’s 148MB!): DEF CON 31 sticker wall.jpg

DEF CON 31 Personal Summary

DEF CON 31 was huuuge! There was just so much going on that I simply couldn’t cover it all, especially with some of the new villages like the AI Village and other villages. I also spent a bunch of time in the Vendor area with my Miscreants friends selling my book and getting feedback from readers. It was long, but rewarding in the end. It was rewarding and a learning experience.

Also, at the peak of the event it was cancelled and everyone had to evacuate, so didn’t get to stop by the Arcade Party, one of my favorite events with a 16 person foosball table!

I got to see a lot of my friends in person, which I am super grateful for, and is the main reason I go to DEF CON. I also got to see a TON of people I only met online IRL. That was super awesome. Also met a lot of new people as well and had some great conversations and insights.

I think though for the next year, I’m thinking of making the time to go to some of the smaller conferences. If you know of any that have an awesome social component, please do let me know.

See You Next Year at DEF CON 32!

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